3 Ways to Sell Yourself in Interviews Without Sounding Too Salesy

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3 Ways to Sell Yourself in Interviews Without Sounding Too Salesy

Does the word “sell yourself in interviews” give you an anxiety attack?

If so, you may have an incorrect perception of interviews.

You are definitely not alone in this. Most people perceive interviews as “police interrogations”.

The reality is, interviews are scripted conversations between two individuals interested in one another. Believe it or not, interviews are very similar to a conversation on your first date.

During your first date, you try your best to build the perfect first impression and hope to know the other person better. In interviews, you will do the same. The only difference is, the other person is the potential employer.

If you change your perception about interviews, you will feel less nervous and anxious — which is a prerequisite of nailing a job in an interview.

After you have calmed down, use these 3 unique ways to sell yourself in an interview successfully and get the career you desire.

How to Sell Yourself in An Interview Successfully?

1. Tell Stories

Nobody likes to hear boring facts and figures. Storytelling is an interesting way to grab their attention immediately. Start with an event where you used a skill to solve a particular problem. Describe the event, how you solved the problem and the outcome. This way, you can showcase your strengths clearly in an engaging way.

  1. Focus on How You Can Help

Instead of focusing on impressing the interviewer, find out what the department’s or company’s goals are and how you can help achieve their goals. For example, if you are interviewing for a digital marketing role, propose ideas based on your strengths to generate higher brand awareness.

  1. Tailor Your Answers Accordingly

How you answer interview questions tells the interviewer a lot about your understanding of the job description and company. You can demonstrate your adaptability sense by tailoring your answers according to the job posting information. If you notice the job description emphasizes “responsible” or “teamworking”, choose stories that showcase your responsibility and teamwork skills.

Going for an interview does not have to feel like preparing for war. If you look at it from a different perspective, interviews are just conversations between two people in a formal setting. With proper preparation, you can easily sell yourself in an interview and get hired.

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