3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Branding Now

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3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Branding Now

Tony Fernandes, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are great personal brands that have penetrated the majority of the population. They are perfect examples because most people know who they are and what company they work for.

But why do they spend so much time (and money) to build a personal brand when their company is already famous?

As it turns out, personal branding is more effective than company branding, especially on social media.

What Is A Personal Brand?

In short, a personal brand is the marketing of a person. If you type your name in Google search, the results that come up are your brand. It can be your blog, social media profile, videos, your posts, and any digital footprint with your name on it.

So, why would Mark Zuckerberg create a Facebook profile of himself and post stories on behalf of Facebook?

Here’s why.

Why Should You Create A Personal Brand?

There are 3 reasons why personal branding works better on social media than companies.

1. People are more likely to trust a person than a company.

If a person shares a brand message on social media, it actually gets 561% more outreach, the message gets re-shared 24x more frequently and the person, on average, has 10 times more followers than the company’s account.

This shows that the public trusts people more than they trust company brands, and they engage more with individuals than companies.

When your brand messages reach out to more people, it’s much easier for you to create brand awareness and drive sales.

2. Word of mouth is the best sales strategy

Do you know that word of mouth drives USD$6 trillion of annual consumer spending and is estimated to account for 13% of consumer sales, worldwide?

What does this statistic mean to a business owner?

In order to tap into the opportunities generated by word of mouth, you need to focus on building connections. Fortunately, personal banding is one of the most effective ways to build direct connections between you and your customers.

3. A personal brand gives you a unique competitive edge

Your personal brand is unique because it is built from your stories, experiences, and identity. These elements form a unique human being that brings unique values to your customers.

When you’re able to brand yourself effectively, you will be able to generate authority and leadership in the industry you’re in.

Are You Leveraging Your Personal Brand?

Your social media posts and profile are more than just a channel for you to connect with your friends.

They can be polished as a strong personal brand  that drives more sales and brand awareness for your company.

The question is, “are you taking advantage of your personal brand?

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