Soft Skills Training

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Professional Development Training Courses

Business Skills

  • Applied Science of Youthpreneurship
  • Basics of Presentation Skills
  • Business Communication at Workplace
  • Business Writing Made Easy
  • Certified International Trainer (TTT)
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Effective Retail Management
  • Financial Analysis for Entrepreneurs
  • Goal setting & Planning to Grow Your Business
  • Holistic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • How to Succeed in Business with Human Profiling
  • Importance of Corporate Social Responsibilities in Business
  • Importance of Personal Branding for Professional Growth
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Foodpreneurship
  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Powerful Presentation Skills for New Leaders
  • Presentation Skills (PS 1): Stand up & Speak up to Look up!
  • Presentation Skills (PS 2): Power of Visual Aids
  • Process Improvement Implementation for Tasks Effectiveness
  • Speaking Mastery: Influential Authority
  • Sustainability – The Only Way to Sustain
  • The Importance of ESG Inclusion in Business
  • The Power of Green & Giving

HR Performance

  • Coaching Styles and Skills
  • Coaching Your Team for Higher Performance
  • Creating Powerful Resume
  • Developing A Quality Talent Management Framework    
  • Management of People: Employee Engagement
  • Powerful CV Curation & Interview Skills

IT Skills

  • Design PPT for Powerful Presentation
  • Designing for Social Media Post
  • Designing Skills for Trainers
  • Digital Integration into Business Setup
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing for Personal Branding
  • Social Media Marketing for Startups & Micro Business
  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Management & Leadership

  • Colour Leadership in Post Pandemic Era
  • Effective Communication in Workplace
  • Effective Professional Communication
  • Effective Supervisory Skills
  • Ethical Leadership – Becoming Courageous Leader
  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Introduction to Effective Group Coaching Framework
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Introduction to Lean 5S
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Leadership Mastery
  • Leadership Simulations
  • NGO Blueprint
  • Personal Decision-Making Skills
  • Relationship Management at Workplace
  • Relationship Management for Digital Migrants
  • Strategies to Secure Strategic Partnerships
  • Supervisory Skills for New Managers
  • Team Effectiveness in Communication
  • Transformational Leadership

Sales & Customer Service

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Sales Mastery: Skyrocket Your Profit

Personal Development Training Courses

Business Skills

  • Certified Professional Youthpreneur
  • Introduction to DiSC for Profitability
  • Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Millionaire Goal Setting Strategies
  • Network is Net Worth – Networking Skills
  • Personal Branding Mastery
  • Personal Grooming for Professionalism
  • Setting Business Goals to Post COVID-19
  • The Science Behind Artistic Communication

HR Performance

  • Efficient Digital Migrants at Workplace

Management & Leadership

  • Pedagogy Learning Concept for Personal Growth
  • Reasoning and Rationality Practice
  • SWOT Analysis for Self-Assessment
  • Youth Empowerment Framework
  • Youth Transformational Leadership

Individual Skills

  • Basic Personal Grooming for Presentation
  • Best Practices for Self-Management
  • Best Strategies to Maximize Limited Time
  • Birth & Enhancement of Interpersonal Skills
  • Brainstorm Framework: How Brainstorm Can Change Your Life?
  • Break the Limiting Boundaries
  • Develop Growth Mindset for Excellence
  • Discover Your Career Niche
  • Essential Skills for Youth
  • Importance of Self-awareness
  • Importance of Social Awareness
  • M.U.L.E.D. Formula for Self-Establishment
  • Professional Etiquette with Personal Grooming
  • Self-Establishment Mastery
  • Set Goals for Career Growth: Get, Set, Go!